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Destination Weddings Without the Travel

Finding the venue for a wedding can be one of the most stressful decisions a couple has to make. If you want that destination feel, but still want Grandma, Grandpa and the great aunts and uncles to be a part of your big day, maybe a wedding “staycation” is the choice for you. But how do you find the perfect destination without the travel? Here’s a quick guide to discovering the venue that’s close and still has all the amenities you need.

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Does it have room for your personality?

Every couple has an idea in their head of what their dream wedding would look like – but few destinations are a completely blank canvas allowing their vision to shine. Couples should look for a venue that is adaptable to any kind of ceremony, reception and party. Having the ability to start completely fresh, and having the staff on hand to bring the couple’s dream to reality is a must for your big day.

Will Great Aunt Mabel still be able to bring the cake?

Do you have a family relative that’s been making the cake for every member of the family since the ‘60s? Some venues do not allow outside food or vendors. Be sure the venue you choose has a preferred list of vendors to fill in the gaps of vendors you don’t have connections with. Consider vendors that will allow your choice of vendors to bring in what they need for your wedding. However, you will find that most venues require the food to be provided by the venue or their caterer. If you have special dishes or traditional foods you would like to be served, don’t hesitate to ask. Many venues will work “off menu” to serve your desired fare.

Options, options, options.

A venue that only allows for an indoor wedding, or vice versa, doesn’t leave a lot of room for error. Mother Nature doesn’t always accommodate for those romantic outdoor weddings. Instead of having your guests find a venue that can accommodate indoor and outdoor ceremonies. Along with having indoor and outdoor options, a perfect venue should have many choices for you and your future spouse, including food, entertainment and décor.

Will your guests be entertained during downtime?

We have all been there. The wedding is over and the reception doesn’t start for another 45 minutes. While the wedding party is away having the time of their lives, what do your guests have to keep them entertained? Finding a destination that allows for your guests to explore the grounds or the area is a must. And let’s be honest: kids can get easily bored after an entire day of wedding festivities. If you can find a venue that has entertainment for the little ones; such as a magician, puppet show, book reading or amusement park, you have found a gold mine. Having the young ones entertained takes a huge load off of both the couple and the parents, allowing for a more positive experience for everyone.

Can we make it a family vacation for everyone?

Since you aren’t traveling to Antiqua, and the whole family is getting together, can your venue accommodate that many guests in close proximity so more travel is unnecessary? Relatives who only see each other during these special moments love to visit, so having a venue that can enhance that experience is a must. A “morning after brunch” is always a great parting gift for families, giving everyone a chance to say their goodbyes and well wishes to the happy couple. Also, having entertainment nearby can help with fun outings for the entire weekend that will create memories to last a lifetime. Why not make the destination wedding without the travel your next family vacation?

Using these tips to find the perfect destination wedding, while staying within close proximity, can help both your budget and your stress level.

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