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Say Yes to the Right Ride

An important, oftentimes left to the last minute, detail of a wedding is the transportation. By partnering with a professional and experienced transportation company, you can relax and enjoy the ride.

“Before booking your transportation, there are a few details to consider in order to provide you and your guests with a comfortable ride,” says Steve Haddorff with Royal Limousine, Inc. Take into consideration the events of your day; the transportation should be a reflection of you and your spouse-to-be. Think about who will be using the transportation. Will it only be for the bride and groom? Will the wedding party and their spouses be included? Maybe you have elderly guests that you would like to help get from the church to the reception. Also consider where your reception venue is. If it is outside of town, you may want to make sure your guests arrive back at their hotel safely after the festivities.

The number of people you wish to transport will greatly determine which vehicle you reserve. Steve adds, “For a more intimate feel, you may want to look at a standard limousine that can seat up to ten people. If you are wanting to include the entire wedding party, look at a limousine coach, otherwise known as a party bus. Larger coaches can seat up to thirty-five people with perimeter seating and offer a comfortable walk-in approach.”

According to Steve, many experienced companies also offer special wedding day packages. These packages often include perks such as a red carpet, champagne, and personalized signage on the vehicle. As is often customary, couples will celebrate the last few weeks of their engagement with a bachelor or bachelorette party. Some companies have discounts available if you book your bachelor or bachelorette party transportation along with your wedding day package.

When looking at companies that offer professional modes of transportation, Steve suggests talking to friends or relatives for references. You will want to choose a reliable company in order to eliminate a wedding day disaster such as a last minute cancellation, or having a problem arise with the vehicle. Ask the transportation company about guarantees – some have back up vehicles and written guarantees that they will arrive on time. Peace of mind is worth it, especially on your wedding day.

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