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Wedding at Spearfish Canyon

Imagine waking up the morning after you say, “I Do” in a complimentary honeymoon suite in a tranquil and breathtakingly beautiful setting. Searching for your dream wedding setting can be a daunting task. Choose accommodations that offer convenience, selection, comfort and beauty – one that offers breathtaking views and will go above and beyond in complementing your individual style and overall experience.

One of the most convenient things for you and your guests is on-site lodging. The bride and groom will definitely need a good night’s sleep after the big day has finally come and gone. The convenience of not having to drive after the reception is often overlooked. Guests coming from out of town will appreciate the option to stay right in the middle of the action, and guests who live a little closer will enjoy the option for a quick weekend getaway.

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Whether you are looking to have a loud and crazy reception or a beautiful quiet evening, the events of the day will be tiring. Peace of mind is included when you can ensure your guests will not have to drive home after your perfectly planned day.

Accommodations with ample guest rooms and suites will ensure the bride and groom can be together with family and guests throughout the day. A venue that provides wedding group discounts will offer the flexibility to enjoy the amazing splendor of your chosen venue, creating even more time to make lifelong memories.

Lodging is about more than a place to rest your head at the end of the night. Will you get ready in your suite, and will you want photos of that? Is the venue picturesque? More and more brides are spending a good portion of their budget on a photographer. Photographs are such an important part of your wedding; you’ll want to choose a venue that photographs well. After all, your photos will be the main source of memories from your special day.

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