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So you're getting married. And ever since you made the last of the excited calls to literally everyone you could think of, you've been researching. By now you've spent hours on Pinterest getting some inspiration, but where do you go from there? Trying to narrow down an invite set that expresses who you are can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be that way. Let's break it down.

Invitations really set the tone for your wedding. You’ll want to pick something that matches your personality. With so many options available – watercolor flowers, rustic with lace, vintage, modern or classic – you’re sure to find something that is as unique as you are. At this point you’ll also need to decide what paper you want everything printed on, if you need a pocket to hold everything, and if you want anything special, like ribbon or die-cut shapes.

Once you've decided on your design, paper and printing needs, it’s time to choose the wording. Determine whether your ceremony will be formal or more casual, as your wording will be shaped around this decision. Be sure not to overlook any information that your guests will need to know in order to attend. Answer the following questions – who, what, where, and when – in a way that is easy to read and understand. Don’t shy away from wording that is uniquely you; it’s your day. Say it in your own voice.

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- Kris Haase, Owner

Do people still use RSVPs? Yes, whether you send them via the mail or correspond over the internet, you'll want an effective way to record who is able to attend and who isn't. If you're including a printed RSVP, one popular option is to use a postcard in lieu of a card with an envelope. You'll save on postage and the cost of the envelope too – just be sure to include your return address on the back, along with a stamp. Schedule the return date far enough in advance that your guests don't have to rush to reply. This will also help you contact anyone who didn't get back to you by that date to confirm their attendance.

Now, you’re probably wondering about the inserts – how many you’ll need, or if you need any at all. The number of insert cards will be subject to the amount of information you have and, more importantly, how you choose to present it. If space allows, you can fit all your information on one card, even placing some wording or a map on the back. The purpose of the inserts is strictly to inform your guests of any information not expressed on the invite. Include any reception and accommodation information, and possibly a map. If you want to add your registry, this card would be the most appropriate location. Though, according to etiquette, adding your registry at all can be seen as pushy or tacky. We recommend discreetly placing this information at the bottom of one of your inserts.

Are you a DIY bride? It's easy to start feeling overwhelmed. Your brain is on overload – the designs, where to find the right paper and envelopes, not to mention where to get them printed. You need to find a team who can guide you in selecting the best paper and envelopes for your invitation set and answer design questions you may have, as well as print the project for you.

The invitation specialists you choose should have years of experience creating unique, eye-catching

wedding stationery. They will work with you through the design process to ensure that the finished

product is distinctly you.


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