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The Guide for Each Bride Toward her Unforgettable Gown

Every bride deserves a wedding dress that makes her look and feel magical. The owners and staff of Dream Dress Express genuinely love guiding each bride toward her unforgettable gown. As we look into 2017, the specialists at Dream Dress Express are available to coordinate the entire wedding party attire that fits your style and unique vision.

Pure white wedding dresses are making a comeback, as is more formal, traditional attire for wedding parties. While in recent years most wedding dresses have been shades of ivory, champagne or even silver, more brides are now looking for white dresses.

Brides who want tradition with a twist will find an array of wedding dresses in shades of lavender, pinks, and blues. While many brides in Siouxland still choose varying shades of ivory, a colorful wedding dress is a beautiful option for a bride who wants to express herself and her personality.

Designers are bringing sexiness back to wedding gowns in a tasteful manner. Brides who want to show some skin or wear a form-fitting dress will have plenty of options. Gowns are combining modesty and sexiness, blending demure fronts with revealing backs. Strapless dresses, which flatter brides of many sizes and shapes, remain a popular choice. Halter gowns and high neck gowns are returning trends. Sensuous fabrics complement the styles of 2017 wedding dresses. Crepe, charmeuse and lace are among the textured fabrics appearing on gowns.

The perfect wedding dress never outshines the bride herself. Dream Dress Express stylists help brides find the right dress without becoming overwhelmed by choices or the opinions of family and friends shopping with them.

“This is her one time for her dress, and brides want it to be the ‘it’ dress, the ‘it’ event. If brides come in with an open mind and have a knowledgeable stylist working with them, they will come out with a dress they may have or may not have expected,” said Dream Dress Express owner Bethann Froistad.

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The right dress will help brides “find the magic in themselves,” Bethann said. “It’s not the dress; it’s the person in the dress. You can see just by the way they act and hold themselves, you know when it’s ‘the’ dress.”

For the groom and wedding party, colors and traditional styles are trending. Blue is the new black for wedding parties, and traditional looks are making a comeback.

“Blue is a very big color in tuxedoes. Navy, French blue and cobalt are all shades available in fresh tuxedo styles. These new colors are really stunning … but very subtle,” Bethann said. “The cummerbund is coming back, which we’ve not seen in 15 years.” However, vest options are still the most popular option.

Longer, more formal bridesmaid dresses are regaining popularity. Bridesmaids will be wearing metallic shades – silver, pewter, gray and rose gold – accented with glitter, gemstones and sequins. “If you change the jewelry and change the shoes, you could wear the dresses (for other occasions),” Bethann said.

Shopping for wedding attire shouldn’t be a hassle – it should be a monumental element of the wedding planning process. Dream Dress Express specialists will not only help you find your dress, they will guide you through the entire process of your once-in-a-lifetime event. From the bridal gown to bridesmaid dresses and tuxedos…they know and love the business, and it shows.

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