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Unveiled Tips: Popular Wedding Flowers

Roses: Roses are a traditional favorite for the classic wedding. The wide range of color varieties offer designers and decorators flexibility. The use of rose petals is still seen as the standard for most nuptials.

Orchids: Orchids vary greatly in color, shape, form and scent. Orchids can be exotically combined in traditional or cutting-edge bouquets. This flower symbolizes wealth and social status, and while they may look delicate, most varieties around the world are very sturdy.

Calla Lilies: The fiery hues and jewel tones of calla lilies make them a fashionable pick. Calla lilies can be used alone or mixed with fillers such as baby’s breath. Calla lilies were first available mostly in white, but now there is a wide range of colors to choose from.

Hydrangeas: Hydrangeas symbolize perseverance, and they are most designed for use in large and lush forms. The large size makes this flower visually appealing, and its range of colors is a favorite to mix with other types of wedding flowers.

Lilies: Historians say that lilies were are part of Greek myth as far back as 1580 B.C. White is the most used color for Christian weddings and lilies, which suggests purity.

Photo by Falls Photography

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