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Recreate Red Carpet Looks at Home

(BPT) - Whether you're looking to enhance your daily beauty routine or for tips to add glam to your style for an upcoming special occasion, Hollywood's red carpet is the best source for trends and inspiration.

Fortunately, many of today's hottest looks are easy to create at home. Follow these tips to help you recreate your favorite red carpet looks in less time than you'd think.

1. Get glowing

Celebrities always seem to have a special "glow" on the red carpet with dewy, fresh skin. This effect is intentional and it all starts with proper hydration. To achieve luminous skin, start by spraying the face with a toner or rose water to balance the skin. Pair this glowing look with dramatic eyes and a soft pink lip.

2. Apply foundation

Get flawless skin thanks to perfectly blended foundation. For better application, warm the foundation first. This helps it blend seamlessly into the skin.

3. Prime the lips

Whether you're going for a nude lip or a bold hue, oftentimes, all eyes are on the perfect pout. Before applying any product to the lips, it's important to ensure they are prepped and smooth. Gently exfoliate the lips to remove any dead skin cells.

4. Swap lip liner for concealer

Try shaping the lip line with concealer rather than a lip liner to add definition. Contouring around the lip creates a natural-looking full pout. The bonus is that it prevents any color from bleeding, just as a liner would.

5. Bring out your natural beauty

Tinted lip balms are great for a beautiful, subtle lip. Tinted balms provide moisturizing benefits the lips need and add a hint of color to enhance the natural color. Plus, using a tinted balm is easy to maintain throughout the night.

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