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Make a Difference

The selfish bridezilla might soon face extinction – many brides are now planning weddings that benefit others. From donating leftover food to renting “green” venues, there are lots of creative ways to improve lives as you start your new life together.

Read on to see how you can make a difference on your wedding day.

Put charities on your wedding registry. Instead of listing fancy mixers and expensive wine glasses on your registry, ask guests to donate to cherished charitable causes as their wedding gift. A pair of animal lovers might name the local Humane Society; new homeowners might consider Habitat for Humanity. If your family has been affected by an illness or disability, consider asking for donations to the organization that helped you in your time of need.

Recycle. Find ways to reduce the amount of waste generated by your big day. Print invitations on recycled paper and ask guests to RSVP online or by phone. Donate leftover food to a local food rescue and take leftover desserts to local emergency and healthcare offices. Donate your dress and encourage bridesmaids to do the same. You can even give your wedding flowers (real or fake) to hospitals or nursing homes, where they’ll be sure to brighten someone’s day.

Create care packages. Many couples create fun gift baskets for out-of-town guests. Consider making extra packages for troops overseas. Provide coloring books at your reception and ask your younger guests to color pictures to include in the care package.

Choose local. From food and beverages to the evening entertainment, be sure to consider local vendors. Local vendors know the area and can provide some really helpful insight. And don’t forget your venue! There are beautiful nonprofit spaces in the area, including museums, historical sites and gardens. You’ll get a unique and gorgeous venue, and you’ll feel good knowing your fee is supporting a local cause.

Celebrate your special day and make someone else’s day by making your wedding charitable. Take a stand for an organization you care about, and hopefully you’ll inspire guests to donate their time, money, resources and talents to other meaningful organizations. That sounds like a win-win to us.

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