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When the Registry is Regi-skimpy

When it comes to buying gifts for someone I have one big piece of advice…


But, sometimes you’re late to the gift-buying party because, well, life happens – and the list is totally picked over. What to do? I have compiled a few of my favorite gift ideas when ‘sticking to the list’ is just no longer an option.

Staycation for Two: A basket full of love. A certificate for a one-night hotel stay, champagne, chocolate – you’ll be their best friend for life, guaranteed.

Date Night Package: Gift cards can be pretty boring by themselves but make a little basket full of surprises for the perfect date night. A gift card to their favorite restaurant (or a new one), tickets to a movie – throw in some chocolate or wine and, I mean, they’ll probably still like you. After all, anyone can order Target online – this one takes some thought and creativity.

Custom Décor: Moving in together brings forth a whole lot of challenges, including, but not limited to, furnishing a home. Anything to help make the newlyweds feel more at home is a great idea. Order décor with their new last name, date of their wedding or call the photographer for wedding/engagement photos. If you’re really creative, you could frame a map and pinpoint important cities, like where they met, got married and live.

Make it Personal: One of my all-time favorite wedding gifts was a Christmas ornament that one of my best friends made from our wedding invitations. It was the perfect way to preserve a piece of our wedding. If you were a bridesmaid in the wedding, make a quilt from the fabric in bridesmaid dress and give it to the couple on their first anniversary – I mean who actually wears those again anyway?

Couple Anything: Massages? Cooking class? They just got married; it’s a good time to start learning how much ‘together time’ is enough.

Some of these ideas still take a little planning ahead – so if you are on the ‘those sound great but the wedding is actually in like an hour and I totally forgot’ time-frame – these are for you:

Date Night In: Stop by the nearest grocery store (or even your pantry) – grab some spaghetti sauce, pasta, chocolate, wine, a basket – maybe a ribbon if you’re fancy. Go to and get an eGift Card for the perfect date night in!

Cash: Slightly tacky, yet totally effective.

If you can’t wrangle up a super creative last-minute gift, don’t stress. It’s the thought that counts, and the newlyweds will certainly appreciate you celebrating with them however you see fit.

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