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Fall Wedding – Hold the Orange

Do you love the idea of a fall wedding but orange is just not your color? Same. When you think of fall colors, orange is usually right at the top of the list but it is definitely not a color that suits everyone. Who says who can’t have an orange-less fall wedding? No one, that’s who.

Here are some great ideas to make your wedding still feel like fall while excluding a certain color that shan’t be named:

Color Scheme

Shades of red are really the perfect colors for fall representation. Cranberries, apples, cinnamon sticks, wine – all fall essentials. Deep red and gold sparkles? Swoon.


Pumpkins are an obvious staple of fall. Guess what? They are no longer strictly oran- well you know. If you made your way to a pumpkin patch this year, you probably saw an albino pumpkin somewhere in the batch. These are PERFECT for wedding décor and still make it feel like fall. Throw some gold sparkles or another splash of color on there and you have the perfect fall centerpiece. And don’t forget to grab some pinecones. They are free, brown and still scream fall. They can make a perfect for place card holder or bundle them together in a bowl for an easy but gorgeous centerpiece.


People are always looking to add some ‘extras’ to their reception fun. For a fall wedding I might suggest a hot chocolate bar or apple cider bar. You could get really fun and have a s’more bar – use chafing dishes for an open flame and include all the fixin’s. Dessert and entertainment in one!

DIY Furniture

No hammer or nails required (you’re welcome). Grab a few hay bales, throw a warm flannel blanket over them and you have the perfect piece of outdoor seating for a fall event.

Feel free to fall in love with fall, again.

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