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Merry Me

The holidays are often a crazy busy time of year for most people. For this reason alone, many people veer away from planning their big day around the holiday season. (Hello, my wedding is a month-long celebration of me, right?) Nevertheless, there are plenty of benefits to planning your wedding around the holidays. Here are a few:

  1. Everyone is already extra happy. The holidays bring out all sorts of feels. Throwing in another party in a time of constant celebration will only add to the merriment.

  2. Family is getting together anyway. If you have family that travels a distance to come to town, you might have trouble getting them to come home twice in a year. Kill two birds with one stone and ensure all your favorite people will be there to help you celebrate your big day and the holidays.

  3. Decorations galore. Give yourself at least a year-long engagement and you can find HUGE discounts on holiday décor after the season is over.

  4. Extra time off. Guests will probably have extra vacation days or holiday hours saved up at the end of the year so it’s likely they’ll be able to attend all the fun wedding festivities.

  5. You won’t forget your anniversary. No promises your husband still won’t, though. The holidays will be a constant reminder of the day of your wedding and it’ll be much easier to remember than a random date during the year.

  6. Holiday sales. Even though it’s your wedding, you’ll be giving out a lot of gifts. The holidays are prime gift-buying time and usually you can find some pretty great sales. Plus, your guests will also benefit when they can buy your wedding gifts on sale.

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