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Invitation Inspiration

Inviting guest to your wedding has become a little more complicated than just sending a card in the mail. Save-the-dates, formal invitations, maps, RSVPs, a wedding website … Where do you even begin!?

Call a Professional

Weddings are expensive; there are a lot of ways people tell you to cut costs. Nix the chocolate fountain and hire a professional for all your stationary/print needs. There is nothing worse than finding a typo on your invitations after you’ve already mailed them out – or having half your guests late to the wedding because they couldn’t decode your directions. Leave it to the professionals to make sure all the information is correct, relevant and looking gorgeous.

Keep it Simple

White space is not the enemy. It can give your invitation a clean, classic look. There are a lot of ways to ‘fancy’ up your invitations without adding a bunch of design chaos. Add a touch of flair with fun paper or folder options, and keep the necessities simple.

Map a Plan

A professional will be able to help you through this process but things you won’t want to forget in the invitation process: a save-the-date, the actual invitation, map/directions, RSVP card, reception details, and overnight accommodations. Generally you will want to send out save-the-dates 6-10 months before the wedding to give guests plenty of time to make arrangements for flights and hotel stays. The actual invitation and accessories can go out 6-8 weeks before the nuptials.

Go Digital

In a time of quick and easy, brides are being encouraged to build their own wedding websites or at least include an online option for guests to RSVP. There are tons of free websites with templates out there to help guide you. This is helpful for guests who might misplace their invitation, and it makes it much easier for the bride to keep track of RSVPs – and no postage! Plus, it’s another platform to show off those beautiful engagement pictures!

Other Things to Remember

Don’t forget about thank you cards, ceremony programs, place cards, and menus. You’ll want to have the same designer make all of your printed materials to ensure everything has a consistent look. They will likely have a preferred printer so you won’t have to worry about finding one yourself. You’ll also want to make sure you keep your own copy of everything. Whether you keep them in a scrapbook to reminisce on your future anniversaries, or craft it into a meaningful piece of home décor, you will want to be able to look back at all the details of your special day for years to come.

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