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Creative Promise

Artistry + love + commitment. A trifecta that, banded together, represents the creative promise that you receive when you book Greg & LaRae Photography to capture the moments most significant in your life. This decision should not come to you lightly. An investment in capturing your greatest memories is something you will look back on for years to come. Your memories deserve the best.

Greg & LaRae Photography has consistently won awards for their awe-inspiring images, including a Black & White Spider Award and WeddingWire's Couples Choice Award. They also recently took home The Knot Best of Weddings 2018 Award. Their work has been published locally, as well as on international websites such as Maharani.

More than just a pretty picture to sit in a frame (although that is part of the package), Greg & LaRae offer an unforgettable experience. Not your traditional photographer, Greg learned his skill in the field. As a photojournalist working for the Frontline Newspaper, Greg specialized as a combat photographer and even spent a year in Iraq. Some of his work has been featured in national publications such as National Geographic and The New York Times.

After returning to the United States in 2013, Greg planted his roots in Sioux Falls, where LaRae is a full-time art teacher. Transitioning from combat photography to wedding photography came with a unique set of challenges; Greg challenged himself to keep up with the ever-changing trends of modern photography while also keeping up with two kids and a personal life.

While many of their clients prefer to stay local, the duo enjoys taking off on a destination trip every chance they can. Whether it’s for a wedding or for pleasure, they always find time to snap a few photos. On their recent trip to Bavaria, Germany, the couple was able to take photos in front of the castle that inspired Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Greg got to capture the beauty of his favorite subject (LaRae).

Greg also had the recent opportunity to visit Tiny Town, Maryland. While most people probably don’t have this destination on their bucket lists, the experience will always hold a spot in Greg’s heart.

Greg’s company commander, Maj Lea (Lato) Parker, whom he served with in Iraq in 2010 during Operation Iraqi Freedom VII, was getting married. It was an opportunity he wouldn’t miss for the world.

“I hadn’t seen my company commander in seven years,” said Greg. “When she called and asked me to shoot her wedding photos, I was overcome with a variety of emotions.”

The finished photographs were a blend of his two worlds. Greg returned from Maryland with a full memory card and a full heart. Two weeks later his commander was deployed, with a new last name and once-in-a-lifetime photos to help her escape her surroundings and re-live the best day of her life over and over again.

Sioux Falls has proven to be the perfect fit for Greg & LaRae and they have recently opened a permanent studio at 46598 268th Street in Sioux Falls, SD, located next to Blue Haven Barn & Gardens. For engagement, wedding, senior, family or any other professional photos, contact Greg & LaRae Photography at 605-321-4044 or visit their website,

“Creativity meets artistry, love & commitment to serve you.”

– Greg & LaRae

46598 268th St.

Sioux Falls, SD 57106


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