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Choose Your Hues

Color plays a huge role in the feel of your wedding! Once you select the color, your next decision is where you want to use your color and how much you want to use it. Think about all the areas to add your wedding color – bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen vests and ties, bouquets and boutonnieres, flowers for the ceremony, flowers at the reception, table covers, chair covers, napkins, china…the list is endless.

Some couples like a splash of color, while others want their color everywhere!

There is no right answer – it’s all a matter of what look you want and the impression

you’re trying to make.

As for your clothing, the only hard and fast rule is to have the groomsmen match or complement your bridesmaid dresses. This can be as strong as the vest and tie matching, just the tie matching or just a matching pocket square with a vest and tie that match the tuxedo (black tuxedo, black vest and tie, colored pocket square).

For your groom, we recommend him wearing a vest and tie that matches your dress in white or ivory, or a neutral color to match his tuxedo or suit (black, grey, tan, etc.) Unless of course, you’re using your color in your bouquet – then it’s appropriate to add the color to his vest, tie or pocket square.

The best way to differentiate your ushers from your groomsmen is to change their vest and tie color. It’s a subtle way to distinguish the ushers and still have them look like they belong in the wedding party.

For dads, we recommend them wearing a neutral vest and tie to match the tuxedo or suit so that no matter what Mom is wearing, they complement each other.

The ring bearer should follow the flower girl. If she is in white/ivory to match the bride, then the ring bearer should match the groom. If the flower girl is in the color of the bridesmaids, then the ring bearer should match the groomsmen.

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