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A New Look for Your Guest Book

Your wedding can be a whirlwind: you spend hours upon hours compiling your guest list, you recite the perfect vow, and then you arrive at your reception overwhelmed with love and overstimulated with chaos. It’s impossible to remember every person who came to help you celebrate the happiest day of your life. This is what a guest book is for, right? Don’t let your guest book collect dust in the attic. Try these out-of-the-box ideas and display the love from your friends and family proudly.

Build Our Life

Use something you know you’ll use again: Jenga! Have each guest sign a Jenga block and add it to the tower. It symbolizes your friends and family helping you start to build your life together. Challenge your spouse to game of Jenga each year on your anniversary, and remember all the wonderful people who helped you celebrate your special day.

Got Hitched, Get Stitched

Set out squares of fabric and have your guests sign each one. After the wedding, have a seamstress put the pieces together to make a quilt you can display in your new home.

Piece of Our Puzzle

Have each one of your wedding guests contribute to the bigger picture. Encourage your guests to sign a puzzle piece and add it to an existing puzzle to create a picture of your life together. Glue the pieces together, put the puzzle in a frame and hang it in your new home.

Snap it & Stick it

In the exciting world of all things digital, it’s refreshing to see that Polaroid pictures are still a fad. Pictures are so much more fun to look at than plain black signatures, anyway. Ask guests to snap a photo, sign it, and stick it on a piece of paper to make a collage of memories from your wedding day!

Time to Decorate

Rustic wood pieces, picture frames, and scrapbooks are all great ways to capture your guests’ names and display them in your new home. Just make sure whatever you choose matches your style and fits with the décor you plan to use in your home.

You Rock

This idea may get a little heavy to transport, but the end product is super neat. Each guest signs a decorative rock to put in a basket and display in your home. Depending on the type of rock you choose, you could also display the rocks outside your home in a rock garden or part of your homes landscaping.

Uncork Our Future

For those ladies with an abundance of wine corks lying around, this is the perfect fit for you! Even so, you might want to have a few girls’ nights ahead of the wedding day, just to make sure you have enough. There are tons of wine cork displays or cases that you can buy. Have each guest sign a cork and add them to your display. You can get really creative and have the display case engraved with your name or wedding date.

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