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Gold and platinum are timeless, but today jewelers are also offering more alternative metals to their customers. Some of these new metals can be more affordable and can also allow the groom to choose a more personalized style. As with precious metals, the new alternative choices in men’s rings include varying degrees of being scratch or crack-resistant, hypoallergenic, durable,

and customizable.


Elysium is one of the newest materials available for men’s rings. This solid ring is made from diamond crystals that are fused together by intense temperature and pressure. They are the hardest, most scratch-resistant rings on the planet, and are great for everyday wear.


This metal comes from an actual meteorite that landed in Namibia, West Africa. Meteorite showcases a distinctive pattern caused by the extremely slow cooling of the material at the core, which makes each piece very unique. Because of the natural rust inhibition properties, Gibeon is one of the most popular types of Meteorite used in jewelry.


One of the most popular alternative metals today is titanium. Titanium is found within nearly all living things and is known for its hypoallergenic properties. Because of its durability and heavy strength, titanium can be worn in nearly any environment. Titanium will not fade or change color over time, and is popular with customizations.


Mokume Gane is Japanese for “wood grain,” as the precious metal tends to mimic patterns in nature. Mokume is produced by forging together several kinds of precious metals, and then twisting and hand forming the metal into different patterns. Each piece of Mokume goes through this lengthy process, resulting in beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces.


Hardwood is available as an inlay in any metal. These inlays are sealed with a resin layer, which protects the wood from water and wear and gives the wood a high gloss finish. Hardwood is available from a variety of countries, with some species being extremely rare. It’s not uncommon to see small knots, grains, and buds within the hardwood inlays. These properties add the perfect amount of character to a traditional ring.

Before choosing which type of metal you want your ring to be crafted out of, you will want to determine if customization is something you would like to add. Custom tokens such as wedding dates, fingerprints, or coordinates of your wedding location are just some examples of what is trending with grooms today. Whether your preference is in the precious, more traditional metals, or the newer alternative metals, your jeweler will be able to find what suits you and your lifestyle best.

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