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Floral Fill-ins

Maybe they’re out of season, maybe plants seem to die at the very touch of your not-so-green thumb (guilty) – whatever the reason, don’t panic, flowers are not the only option when it comes to accenting those bridesmaids walking down the aisle.

Puppies (yes, really)

As I previously mentioned here, hauling a four-legged friend down the aisle is a new wedding trend that I can stand behind (probably with a scooper). While we are all on board with raising awareness for puppy rights, it’s likely that this accessory may take away some attention from the rest of the wedding party.


Add a little extra romance to an evening wedding. Have your bridesmaids very slowly and (carefully) walk down the aisle with a candle stick and place it on a display at the front. They could even hold it if it’s going to be a short ceremony.

Fur Muffs

Obviously this would make the most sense for a winter wedding, but it’s your wedding! You do you, girl. Your bridesmaids will thank you for the added warmth, plus they will look super cute in pictures.


It’s an accessory and a bridesmaid’s gift in one! Not to mention, practical. DISCLAIMER: If you choose this route, double and triple-check that they have their cell phones OFF. An easy way to ruin a friendship is to be “that friend” whose phone goes off during the ceremony – it’s twice as bad if you are standing next to the bride at the altar when it happens.


Keep that traditional bouquet look without the flowers. Maybe the brooches have a personal story about your family history or you just found them at a flea market – but they are all the rage right now.

Hand Fan

Outdoor weddings are gorgeous, but they can also be H.O.T. No one needs a bridesmaid passing out; this accessory can also double as a lifesaving device.

Parasol Umbrella

Speaking of a summer wedding, save your bridesmaids from the beaming sun and have them trot down the aisle carrying a parasol. Sweet and subtle, these have actually been pretty common for southern weddings.

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