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Memories for a Lifetime

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Your wedding photos capture those first moments as husband and wife, and memories you created with family and friends. Those photos are treasures you’ll cherish for years to come. Choosing a skilled, experienced photographer is an investment you’ll be glad you made each time you look at your wedding pictures.

“When the dust settles, this is what the bride and groom have left to remember their day. And that is very important. They will fill their walls with these photos. These are the heirlooms they will show their grandchildren. And these are the photographs that will sit at the table of their great-grandchildren’s weddings. These photos are some of the most important photos of their life. So spending the extra money to hire a professional is worth every penny,” says Kj Wingert, owner of Photography by Kj.

Though it may be tempting to save money by asking a friend or relative to shoot some photos, here’s why a good wedding photographer is worth the money.

Knowledge: A professional wedding photographer studies the art of photography and will bring a specific style to your photos. Do you prefer photos that are edgy and bold, or classic, creative or artsy? Your wedding photographer will give your photos flair that makes them uniquely

your own.

Experience: A professional photographer likely will have years of experience specifically shooting weddings. He or she will understand how to capture terrific images on what is a wonderful but stressful day. Skilled photographers may help you create a schedule for your day so everyone’s hair and makeup is done in plenty of time for photos. An experienced photographer also can help you plan a list of

photos you want to ensure the most special moments are preserved.

Volume: Your wedding photographer – and perhaps a second photographer or assistant – will likely spend the entire day with you, shooting literally thousands of photos at the wedding and reception and behind the scenes. The photographer then spends hours choosing the best of the best to include in your wedding package. A photographer’s work continues after your wedding day ends, and that factors in to the cost of your wedding photos.

Equipment: Professional wedding photographers invest in top quality cameras, digital editing software and training for shooting and editing your wedding photos, so the final photos of your day are as beautiful as your wedding.

Personality: When selecting a wedding photographer, research several in your area. Visit their websites to see examples of their work. Interview the photographers whose work you like best, and pick one whose photography style and personality best mesh with yours. “I spend more time with my brides and grooms that day than anyone, so we better be able to have a fun time together!” says Kj.

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