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The Heart of America

It should come as no surprise that at the heart of America, us Midwesterners know a thing or two about celebrating love. Did you know that out of the top 10 states with the LOWEST divorce rates, 5 of them are located in the Midwest (Wisconsin, North Dakota, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota)? I’m not saying it’s because of these unique Midwest traditions – but I’m not saying it’s not.

America’s Breadbasket

Weddings are often considered more than just a celebration of two people expressing their love, but it’s also a celebration of two families coming together as one. One thing that you might see more often at a Midwest wedding than on the coast, are buffet-style receptions. Some still choose to go with a served meal but most weddings will let the guests go through a buffet line and serve themselves.

Great Plains

As completely unpredictable as Midwest weather can be, it’s no surprise that most brides opt for an indoor wedding. It’s really unfortunate though, the one thing that’s more ridiculous than our weather patterns – is our views (insert hearts for eyes emoji).

The Heartland

Midwesterners are known for going out of their way to help a neighbor. Not only do guests bring gifts to a reception, but they also bring their wallets ready to jump in and make a donation to the couple’s future. Example: I’m not sure I’ve ever been to a wedding without a dollar dance… but I’ve also never been to a wedding outside of the Midwest. Coincidence? Probably. Sheltered? You betcha.

God’s Country

We all know that most weddings these days include a getaway vehicle for the entire wedding party. Well most of the time they don’t travel directly to the reception... what fun is that? Midwesterners enjoy having a party within a party, often riding from bar to bar (or small town to small town) enjoying a cocktail or two before moving on to their next destination and eventually (hopefully) making it to the wedding reception.

The Corn Belt

Here in the Midwest, we know corn. So it’s no surprise that many of us choose a popcorn bar as the staple of our post wedding snacking. Not just normal popcorn though, popcorn covered in sweet or spicy goodness to satisfy whatever your guests might be craving.

State Fair Capital of the World

Now I can’t confirm the accuracy of this title, but we are pretty serious about our state fairs here in the Midwest. It just makes sense we would adapt food preferences to closely resembled those served at the party of our people. Go mess-free and add a stick to you dessert or appetizers.

Keep it Flowing

Whether it’s a totally free for fall at the bar (yikes!) or just wine and beer, most weddings in the Midwest offer free beverages to their guests. It could be all night long or it could just be for happy hour… you might want to assess your guest list one more time before you make that final decision. Too many thirsty guests could leave you with a hefty bar tab.


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