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The ceremony is over and it’s time to party! Unless you’re planning on grabbing an Uber to head to the reception, you’re going to want to plan some sort of transportation for you and your new hubby. There are a lot of things to consider when you are deciding on your means of travel. Your budget, geographic location, the time of year, number of occupants and wedding theme are just a few items to think about. After you’ve assessed your needs, it’s time to start shopping.

Here are some fun options for your getaway ride:


A wedding classic, a limousine is usually a safe investment to get you and your wedding party from ceremony to reception. These are usually available no matter the wedding location or time of year. Limos come in different sizes so you’ll want to know how many people will be riding along before you start your research. They are usually big enough for the bride, groom and wedding party. Will you want the photographer or videographer on board? Will you let your attendants bring their spouses on board? If you think you might need more space, see option #2.

Party Bus

These come in quiet a variety of shapes, sizes and levels of class. They range from extended limos to painted school buses – so you’ll want to be careful where you find yours. A sneak peek is probably a good idea. These may be a bit more expensive, but they can hold more people if you want to have a mobile party before the actual party.


Similar to a party bus, a trolley will hold a larger number of occupants. It’s not an enclosed vehicle, so you will get to show off your wedding party to the entire city. Think about the weather when you consider a trolley; a winter trolley ride could get a little chilly.

Classic Car

The original getaway car, the classic car is designed solely for the bride and groom. This romantic option allows the couple to head off to their reception in privacy after professing their love for each other in front of a few hundred of their closest friends and family – hopefully with a ‘just married’ sign and cans dragging behind. If you don’t have a classic car handy, you can rent one just like you would any of the previous options.

Horse and Carriage

Definitely the most romantic option, a horse and carriage would be perfect if you are planning that perfect fairytale wedding. Just think of the amazing photo opportunities! While you’ll want to be conscious of the weather, a brisk ride still offers the opportunity to get cozy with your new husband.

However you decide to head to the reception, make sure you have a way to leave. You’re probably not going to rent the vehicle for the entire evening, so be sure to have another car waiting for you and/or your wedding party to get you to the hotel after your reception. It might also be a good idea to set all your guests up with a bus or taxi service for those who celebrate a little too hard.

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