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#Technology Tricks

Using social media to document your wedding is an increasingly popular trend. From creating hashtags to uploading photos to a sharing site, you can use technology to welcome all the photographic evidence your guests can take.

Hashtags are super useful when you want to find pictures with a common theme. By creating a hashtag specific to your wedding, guests can take and upload pictures onto sites such as Facebook and Instagram, which then allows users to search for those pictures using the hashtag. It is important to share your custom hashtag with your guests; consider posting it in the ceremony program, printing tents for the table, or including it in your invitation.

Photo sharing sites like Shutterfly are also great ways for guests to upload their photos. You can view all the great candid shots that were taken by your guests and you have the option of printing them out. Again, make sure to share the details with your guests to make the most of these types of sites.

Don’t forget Snapchat when being creative with wedding pictures. Choose to create a specialized filter and share it with guests. It can be as goofy or as civilized as you’d like it to be! With Snapchat, whatever happens at your party is only available for a short time. That might also be a downfall for retaining the pics and videos, but it is really fun for people to use your filter and spread the word that they were part of your special day.

One of the unique features that we’ve seen more of is the option of live streaming your wedding via Facebook. This allows people to experience your day even though they may not be able to attend in person. Just make sure you delegate the task so the person in charge knows what to do.

Technology offers several ways to share your day with your loved ones, but like almost every other part of your big day, it requires open communication. Let your guests know how they can get involved and have a plan to execute upon. Oh, and don’t forget to actually print the photos.

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