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Myths And Facts About Plastic Surgery

Every bride wants to be her most beautiful on her wedding day. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery or treatments before your big day, experts recommend you start planning now. But before you begin, let’s debunk some popular plastic surgery myths.

Myth: Surgery will be the hardest thing to recover from.

Fact: Making the consultation and following through with the appointment is the hardest thing to “recover” from. No one wants to be analyzed while naked! We understand that this is a very vulnerable feeling and we will do our best to respect that. It is not our job to make you uncomfortable; it is our job to make you feel at ease.

Myth: We will take your photos and put them on the internet.

Fact: We do use our clients’ photos in many different ways, but we will never just post them on the internet. When we have a result we would like to use, we always ask for your permission first. We use photos in our office to educate other people who are considering the same procedure. We also use photos in educational seminars, and then of course on our web page. When we use photos, we take great care to select ones that do not have tattoos, jewelry or distinguishing body marks that would make someone recognizable. Rest assured that you will never unwillingly find your photos on the internet or Facebook.

Myth: Photos are not necessary.

Fact: We take photos for many reasons and they are very necessary. One obvious reason is because people like to see the before and after results. Another reason is for insurance companies. There can be a fine line in plastic surgery on what is considered a necessity and what is a cosmetic surgery. Breast reductions and abdominal surgery are two that fit in this category. Insurance companies want to see what you look like and then they decide if it’s necessary for insurance to pay for your procedure. The last reason is strictly for us. We use pictures to personalize your surgical plan and to document how your body is responding to your surgery.

Myth: Seeing a board certified physician for a cosmetic procedure means I am seeing a board certified plastic surgeon.

Fact: Being a board certified physician means being certified in a specific specialty, not necessarily plastic surgery. Board certified plastic surgeons have completed a residency training program specific for plastic surgery after medical school. All plastic surgeons are also cosmetic surgeons. Not all cosmetic surgeons are plastic surgeons. Looking up your physician online on The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) website is one way to determine if your physician is a board certified plastic surgeon. The ASPS is a society composed exclusively of board certified plastic surgeons. They represent the “gold standard” for plastic and cosmetic surgery. You can check online to make sure your surgeon is board certified and that their certification is specifically in plastic surgery.

MYTH: Surgery is the only option.

FACT: Plastic surgery is just one of many options. Botox®, fillers, laser treatment and chemical peels are also widely utilized for this special day.

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