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Unveiled Tips: Entertainment

1) Wedding Bands – This is one of the most important parts of the entertainment for the day. It is essential to choose a band who will perform a broad range of music so wedding guests across all ages will be entertained and familiar with the music being played.

2) Church Singers – Research and recommendations are very important when choosing

someone to sing in the church. See if it is possible and within budget to get musicians and a singer or someone who can do both.

3) DJ – Choose an experienced and reputable DJ. Ask about package options and ask for the DJ’s playlist. Your taste and the DJ’s taste may differ, so it is important that the DJ plays the songs that you like.

4) Dancers – Dancers such as can-can or Samba dancers are a great way to lift everyone after the meal. A high energy performance of about 15-20 minutes will give everyone a boost after the meal and get a good energy flowing.

5) String Quartet/Trio/Duo – It is a good idea to have light music in the background while your guests get settled. It shouldn’t be loud music; just enough to create a suitable ambiance and where your guests can still converse above the music.

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