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Unveiled Tips: Host a Better Brunch

Love the idea of hosting a brunch, but begin to regret it the moment you're toiling over a pan of bacon grease while your friends are chatting over mimosas? You're not alone. Whether you're planning a brunch for your lovely bridesmaids or hosting a post-wedding brunch for family, these simple tips and ideas are guaranteed to get you out of the kitchen and into the action.

Prepare a game plan. Developing a checklist will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with to-do's. Once you know how many people will be attending the brunch, start planning the menu, gather recipes and make a grocery list. Take inventory of your cooking supplies, serving dishes and tableware.

Picture the scene the night before. Figure out how to serve the food, decide where to put the drinks, gather extra seating and put all the plates, cups, cutlery and napkins on the table. Also, don't forget the mugs or cocktail glasses if you plan to serve coffee or mimosas. While it might seem obvious, these little details can easily be overlooked. Last-minute jobs are bound to happen, so conquering the planned details ahead of time will help keep you sane.

Create a menu full of make-ahead recipes. From drinks to dessert, make sure your menu allows you to spend more times with friends and family and less time in the kitchen. Opt for low-maintenance recipes that can be prepared the night before and popped in the oven the next morning. You can never go wrong with classic egg-based dishes such as quiche, strata and casserole. If your culinary skills aren't up for the task of cooking for a crowd, don't be afraid to choose store-bought or catered dishes. This will help alleviate any unnecessary stress and allow you to enjoy the event.

Ditch the pile of dirty dishes in favor of disposable tableware. Instead of standing over the sink cleaning, spend the extra time relaxing with family and friends. Try a line of products that offer the total solution for your tableware needs, including a variety of plate and cup sizes and a serve and store container of cutlery.

Set the table in style. Make sure your brunch is as stylish as it is tasty. Shop for fashionable napkins and table runners and other fun décor. Also consider having a craft night to make place settings. Your guests will appreciate the extra effort of handmade details.

Finally, don’t forget to enjoy your brunch. You have all your family and friends in one place – what more could you ask for?

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