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Picture Perfect Pets

Whether they are fluffy or have fins, many of us consider our pets to be beloved family members. So why not incorporate your animal bestie into your special day? Here, we share some tips on how to include your furry loved ones in your wedding celebration.

1. Include them in your photos.

If your Save the Date send-outs or engagement announcements feature photos of you and your hubby-to-be, have your photographer involve Fido or Flipper in the shots. Get creative and have fun – there are many ways to incorporate your animal companions, whether indoors or outside.

2. Cast them as your official ring bearer.

What could be more adorable than your fluffy friend escorting the flower girl down the aisle and “bearing” the rings?If you have a dog, cat, or other animal that can be walked on a leash, designate him as your ring bearer and have him accompany the flower girl to the altar. Rings can be fastened to your pet’s collar, or you can purchase a specially designed collar for the purpose. If your pet is of the non-mammal variety (such as a fish or reptile), have him brought down the aisle in a wagon, basket, or other decorative mode of transportation, and fasten the rings to its bowl with pretty ribbons in your wedding colors.This will make your guests smile and provide plenty of pet photo ops!

3. Give them a special role, such as sign-holder.

One way to feature your pet in the wedding ceremony is to have him/her wear a special sign – for example, as an usher (“Please pick a seat”) or greeter (“Welcome to my parents’ big day!”). Your guests will get a kick out of seeing your dog or bunny in a role normally reserved for humans.

No matter how you choose to incorporate your beloved animal companion into your wedding day, you’ll create and capture precious memories of the love between you and your spouse, as well as you and your pet.

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