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Let Them Eat Cake…Alternatives!

Looking for unique ways to indulge your wedding guests’ collective sweet tooth? Here are five non-cake dessert alternatives to the traditional wedding cake. From simple to sophisticated and everything in between, these sweet options are sure to satisfy everyone at your reception!

I Scream, You Scream…

…we all scream for ice cream, right? This cool concoction is a refreshing way to serve up dessert at summer weddings, and can also be a pleasant surprise for guests at weddings that take place during the colder months. You can choose particular flavors to complement your wedding colors, or certain varieties for particular seasons (think cinnamon, mint chocolate chip, or egg nog flavors for autumn or winter; fruity sorbets, cotton candy or lighter flavors for spring or summer). There are also a variety of ways to present this all-American dessert – you can offer cones (standard and waffle) or feature a sundae bar that allows guests to create their own yummy combos.

Pretty Pies Cherry, pecan, pumpkin, lemon meringue – we all have a favorite. Rather than cake, why not offer popular pie varieties at your reception? You can choose seasonal flavors, standard favorites, flavors that incorporate your wedding colors, or a little bit of everything! And the presentation of this classic dessert can be as creative as you are – from pie towers to pie pops, mini pies to a pie buffet, there are many ways to serve up this sweet comfort food.

C is for Cookie

A cookie bar can be a cute and accommodating way to serve up many varieties of this baked goodie, ensuring that palates of all ages will be pleased. And there are endless ways to arrange a beautiful, elegant, and oh-so-taste-ful cookie setup that delights all the senses. You can decorate any type of container (glass jars, wooden boxes, metal buckets, bins and trays of all materials) with flowers or other accents that correspond with your wedding theme, and label each cookie variety with pretty signs and clever sayings.

Donut Delight

Think donuts are only for breakfast and staff meetings? With so many varieties to choose from, this sweet cake-like treat is a versatile option for your wedding dessert display. Donuts can be arranged in towers, stacks – even on skewers! Glazed, sprinkled, cream-filled – such a wide assortment of flavors and shapes allows you to create a donut display that offers sizes and selections galore. You can keep it simple and offer one donut shape – such as the standard ring – in multiple glazes and colors, alternating the colors on trays together or offering each color/flavor on separate trays or stands. Or you can offer multiple donut varieties; the different shapes and sizes mean ample opportunity to get decorative and creative!

Cute Candy

Looking to offer something even more alternative to traditional wedding cake? Incorporate a candy buffet at your reception! You can set up barrels, jars, dishes and other containers in a decorative display of candy that accompanies your wedding theme and colors. In addition to super-sweet selections (such as lollipops and hard candy), including a variety of offerings like licorice, gummy bears, and chocolate ensures that there’s a little something for everyone.

Remember, it’s your wedding and your reception, so have fun and choose a dessert that complements your theme and shows off your sweet side!

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