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Coordinate or Clone? A Bridal Dilemma

What is harder than finding a perfect dress that fits your body type and your wallet? I’d say finding a dress that also looks great on six of your closest friends. Gone are the days of bridesmaid dresses with hoop skirts and puffy sleeves (we hope). Many brides are now opting to choose dresses that their bridal party might actually wear again – or at least feel really great in for one night.

Mix & Match

This trend is quickly becoming the method of choice for most brides. The bride picks a specific color and fabric and each bridesmaid gets a different style of dress that looks best on them. Sometimes you even find a really awesome bride who lets them pick out their own style!

Tea Length

There is no need to shorten your bridesmaid dress if it’s already shortened! Depending on the exact style you choose, tea length dresses usually provide a more casual look for a wedding party. You can add a blazer and have a nice work outfit or a piece of statement jewelry and you are all set for a night out!


No, not like the hairstyle – okay kind of like the hairstyle. This is probably one of the most unique trends you’ll see lately. Each bridesmaid has the same style of dress but the color is altered slightly on each one. You still get that traditional bridal party look but each bridesmaid still looks unique.

The Dolly Effect

Get it? Cloned - like the sheep. Anyways, this is obviously the most traditional of the trends. It’s still pretty popular among our 2017 brides to ensure a uniform look. The bride picks one dress in the same color - no one’s fighting over who gets to wear the sweetheart neckline or who gets sleeves. Stop the madness.

Other unique trends you might see:

Totally different dresses. This method is probably the best if the goal is for the bridesmaids to actually wear the dress again. Just give them a color family and let them get a dress they feel great in!

Dressed in white. The ONLY time it’s okay to wear white to a wedding? When the bride says it’s okay to wear white to her wedding. The bridesmaid dresses are obviously different from the brides - you don’t need aunt Edna confused on who she should be giving a check to - but everyone dressed in white(ish) gives a clean, classic look to a bridal party.

Puppy bouquets. Okay so this isn’t exactly a dress trend but who can resist puppies. Brides are actually choosing to have their bridesmaids carry REAL LIFE puppies instead of bouquets. Raising awareness for rescue dogs while snuggling puppies on your wedding day - count me in! No joke, this actually happened in Iowa – check out People’s article here.

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