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In Love and Online

Our everyday lives are overwhelmed by the innovative world of technology; our wedding day is no different. Make sure your wedding passes our cyber check.

Tag, you’re it.

Because how else can you make sure you look flawless, even if it is just a photobomb? Since you probably aren’t reading this blog post via quill and scroll, I can assume we all know what a hashtag is by now. Just in case, it’s an easy way to collect all the post and photos that your guest posts on social media sites. Using the (#) symbol makes text turn into a link – if you click on that link, you can see any post that mentions your hashtag. Rule of thumb for your wedding hashtags: make sure it’s personal, catchy, and PUNNY. Not creative? That’s fine, too. Here are some that work with almost any name (shameless plug, Kohn is my last name): #FinallyKohn #KohnSquared #Kohnuary #KohnWedding2017 – or get super original… #KohnBoughtTheStone #NotAloneImAKohn #WishIHadThoughtOfTheseBeforeMyWedding

Oh, Snap!

If you’re an avid Snapper, you’ve probably seen different filters available to add to your photos depending on your location. They are pretty common to find when you are close to businesses, schools or even at an event. If you hire a graphic designer for your stationary needs, they may be able to design a custom Snapchat filter for you, as well. Ideally, it should fit your wedding theme, but there are different websites that will make custom filters for you. Make sure you have plenty of signage around your wedding reception venue so your guests know what social engagement tools you have available!

There’s an app for that.

So you’re engaged. Congrats! If you’re like most brides, you have no idea where to start. Start with an app. A step-by-step guide to planning your wedding from the palm of your hand? Sign me up. There are tons of great apps that will guide you through all things wedding planning – from when to send out save-the-dates to tips on how to gently tell those oh so (not) helpful relatives to buzz off.

Wedding-only email

Speaking of digital, probably 99% of your communication with wedding vendors is going to be online (hello, gotta have a ‘paper’ trail). Don’t let your important wedding communications get lost in a sea of Target VIP deals (although also important). Set up an email account specifically for any wedding-related business. (It’s also a great resource for online RSVPs.)

Last but not least…

You need a wedding website – a one-stop-shop for wedding details. Include the who’s who and what’s what. Obviously no one loses a paper invitation (lol, k) but it’s nice to have a plan B, just in case.

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