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Making Your Wedding POP!

Popcorn, the quintessential movie lover’s snack, is now taking weddings by storm. Craizy Daisy’s Popcorn specializes in uniquely delicious gourmet treats to complement any bride’s celebrations.

Owners Sherry and Curt Neuharth opened Craizy Daisy’s Popcorn in May 2016 and have been busy concocting wild and wonderful flavor combinations ever since. To date, they’ve created more than 50 savory and sweet flavors, including jalapeno and cheddar, horseradish and bacon, beer, chocolate caramel, strawberry cheesecake, and key lime pie. New taste combinations are in the works, including alcohol-based popcorn flavors like Bacardi rum and blackberry wine.

“One of our big flavors we did this summer for brides was champagne and strawberries. It’s champagne-flavored popcorn drizzled with Belgian chocolate that’s flavored and colored with strawberries. It’s pink and creamy, and that went with a lot of the brides’ colors,” the Neuharths said.

Each popcorn is truly gourmet, created by Sherry and Curt with only real ingredients.

“Our flavors aren’t a mix. Our caramel is made with real cream. Everything we make is made with real butter. There are no chemicals. It is a gourmet popcorn,” Sherry and Curt said. “Real ingredients, that’s what makes our popcorn different.”

A single batch of gourmet popcorn takes a half hour to cook, and takes days to process. The popcorn is made only a day or two before it’s sold so customers always receive a fresh product.

Popcorn bars are trending at many weddings in the Siouxland area, especially in Nebraska where Cornhuskers seem to be big popcorn fans, the owners explained. Some brides, like Katie Harris, set up the bar so guests can have popcorn and drinks at the reception while waiting for the newlyweds to arrive. Katie’s husband Sam is originally from Yankton, and encouraged her to check out Craizy Daisy’s. After visiting with the team and trying several flavors, the couple was hooked. They finally decided on three flavors: Love Potion, The Craizy Mix and Jalapeno Cheddar.

“The team was great at Craizy Daisy’s, and we were always offered many different samples each time we visited as we prepared for our big day! All of the flavors were amazing. Our guests had to have enjoyed the popcorn because it was almost gone before the wedding party arrived! I think the popcorn made the wait for the wedding party a fun wait, especially since our guests weren’t starving,”

Katie said.

Other brides provide a popcorn bar after the reception dinner so guests can snack while dancing. Whether it’s before or after the party, Katie encourages brides to consider this unique snack.

“I definitely recommend this sweet treat. Although we did this before the reception, I believe it would be a hit as a late-night treat as well,” she said.

Craizy Daisy’s Popcorn has been a hit with brides who appreciate having customized gourmet flavors and colors to coordinate with their bridal showers and weddings. The Neuharths said brides will typically create a popcorn bar with two to four flavors that are salty and sweet.

“For weddings, we do a lot of our Joyful Mix – white cheddar, yellow cheddar and caramel mixed together,” Sherry and Curt said. “They’ll pick out flavors that match the rest of the wedding

reception meal.”

In addition to popcorn, Craizy Daisy’s sells an assortment of flavored nuts, caramel apples and popcorn balls loaded with candy and cookies. Like popcorn, flavored nuts are popular for weddings and are available in taste-tempting varieties such as cinnamon-sugar, hot and spicy, and barbecue. Cotton candy is also available, and a line of truffles is in the works.

Popcorn, like a wedding, makes people happy. That’s what the Neuharths love about their business. “We thought this would be a fun, light-hearted business to be in and that what’s we’re trying to make – something fun,” they said. “People eat, and they’re happy.”


1518 Broadway Ave., Yankton, SD 57078

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