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It's a Guy Thing

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Bachelor parties have come a long way in the past several years. Is your man looking for a non-traditional bachelor party? Try encouraging his pals to plan something completely different! Here are five fun ideas to consider.

1. Road Trip!

Rather than celebrating his “last night of freedom” in a bachelor party sea of booze and scantily clad women, encourage the best man to make a weekend of it, doing something a little more meaningful. You can even help him with the planning: a road trip to a destination that has special significance to the guys, such as taking in a baseball game at Yankee Stadium, heading to a favorite campsite for a weekend of roughing-it, or even a touring of one of America’s most famous breweries, such as Bell’s Comstock Brewery in Comstock, MI.

2. Sky Dive

If your leading man and his pals are the adrenaline-junkie type, suggest a sky diving outing. Free-falling out of a plane thousands of feet above ground will make taking the actual marital “plunge” seem tame in comparison! This is one way the boys can truly live life to the max before the big day.

3. Paint Ball/Laser Tag

Boys will be boys, so encourage them to channel their inner 11-year-olds and get out that male aggression (and perhaps trepidation about the impending nuptials?) via non-violent violence. Whether paint balls or lasers, most guys like to shoot things (especially each other in the spirit of competition), so help them arrange a day of combat that allows them to funnel all that testosterone while ensuring that only egos get bruised.

4. Gun Range

If your man and his buddies prefer actual guns to those that fire paint or lasers, humor them and plan a day of shooting bullets in a safe, secure environment. Most gun ranges offer party packages that will allow the guys to suit up in protective gear and get as trigger-happy as they please, no gun license required.

5. Go Fish

A relaxing day out on the water might be the perfect way to celebrate one last boys’ outing for the more laidback, nature-loving groom. Help the best man plan a quiet day of fishing and sun-basking at your future hubby’s favorite lake or river. The guys can rent a large boat to accommodate everyone, or smaller vessels and divvy up into pairs. You might want to assist with the packing and prep to ensure that sunscreen, snacks, sunglasses and hats are part of the gear (and not just coolers full of beer; you don’t want a groom’s party of lobster-red sunburned men in your wedding photos).

There are countless other ways your groom and his mates can celebrate his final days of bachelorhood – just find the right activity based on his personality, hobbies, likes and interests. Hunting, waterskiing, whiskey-tasting, golfing, playing poker, dirt biking, lifting weights, and even video game competitions are among the many options available. You might need to lend your creativity to assist the best man in the planning process, but it will be well worth it for your guy to enjoy a memorable day/night of fun, friends and “freedom” (just humor him, it’s a guy thing).

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