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Rule Your Registry

There is no greater feeling of power than walking through Target with that red registry gun in hand. It’s probably the single most exciting part of getting engaged… I mean, other than the ‘spending the rest of your life with someone you love part.’

Before you go crazy snapping barcodes on every item in the home department – grab a Starbucks and map out your plan. What are your essentials? What would be fun to have? Realistically, how much money will my guests spend?

Okay, now go nuts.

Here are some suggestions to keep you focused.

Pots and Pans

Because you’re probably going to need some practice.


Go for something in the mid-level price range. These tend to last a while so you’re going to want to make sure you register for one you like. Also, a vacuum is ESSENTIAL if you’re planning on having kids.

Or you could just get a Roomba.


Target now sells Magnolia brand from Chip and Joanna Gaines – what a time to be engaged! While my husband argues this isn’t an “essential” item, my living room says ‘LIVE ON FOREVER, FIXER UPPER.’ People will undoubtedly buy you décor; you might as well register for what you like so they have an idea of what will match your style.

Amazon Echo


Air Mattress

If you’re like most couples, your first home isn’t equipped with a guest house. An air mattress is a solid plan B.

Kids College Fund

For the serious planner. Ensure your guests that the money they send will get put to good use. Start a college fund for your future children (or just a normal savings account) they can deposit money directly into.

Other practical things to consider:



Kitchen Utensils



Dishware (I really mean wine glasses)

Make sure you are registering for items in a wide price-range. Also make sure it’s plentiful – if you have some items leftover, a lot of stores will let you buy the remaining items at a discounted rate!

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