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Reception Fun 101

The days of quiet conversation at wedding receptions are over and we have entered the era of endless activities. If you’ve been to a wedding reception lately you’ve probably noticed some of the traditional activities are being replaced.

In addition to planning photos, the actual nuptials and dinner for a few hundred people, modern day brides are now expected to plan endless entertainment for their guests during the reception. In my experience, an open bar and a dessert table provide more than enough stimulation to keep my attention – but for those of you who disagree; here are some fun things to incorporate into your wedding reception agenda.

Dollar Dance

Probably the most traditional activity on the list, including a dollar dance is a great way for you to get some one-on-one time with each of your guests while also adding a little money to that honeymoon fund.

Scavenger Hunt

This requires a little more thought (and cooperation) from your guests. Have your DJ ask for five or so outgoing volunteers to come up front and participate. The DJ will read off items in a scavenger hunt that the volunteers need to collect and bring back. The last person to return each round is eliminated. You could go the PG route and ask for things like pens or cell phones – or wait until later in the evening and get a little more “creative” with said items.

Photo Booth

If you have some extra cash to invest in the reception, a photo booth is a fun and popular activity at most receptions. If you don’t have the extra cash but still want your guests to commemorate the evening, design a filter for Snapchat that your guests can use. Think of a fun hashtag (#) for social media and have your guests use it all night so you can easily navigate through all the photos taken during your special day!


Probably a risky option. But pair this with an open bar and you have the perfect recipe for entertainment.

Generations Dance

Go back to what weddings are really about – a lifetime commitment of love. Invite all married couples to the dance floor and have your DJ announce for people to sit down if they’ve been married less than 5 years, 10 years, etc. The last ones standing have been married the longest. Definite #RelationshipGoals.

Yard Games

If you have an outside wedding, or a space outside for guests to linger, it’s probably a good idea to throw some activities out there. If you’re going to have yard games, you probably want to include some tables or lighting out there.

Kids Table

What? Kids don’t like to sit a table with adults and quietly occupy themselves for a few hours? Blasphemy. Put a cute table in the back corner with crayons or Legos (something not messy) for kids to do. You could really go all out and hire a babysitter to sit back there with them so the parents can enjoy the evening.

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